December 22, 2009

Operation Blue Lightning, Meet the Narco Politicos

MadCow Morning News is back with a BANG and tons (43 tons, perhaps?) of new information linking a little flight school in Venice, Florida with not just the training of Mohammed Atta and his crew, but heroin and cocaine trafficking PLUS strange escapades involving the to and fro of a pilot named Michael Brassington into Miami Airport and crashing into Teterboro Airport.  Gosh, it just goes on & on!
Although it's hard to keep track of the players in this apparently on-going escapade, Daniel Hopsicker is working hard to connect the dots.  Please visit his site in the link below to get probably more than you wanted to know about this nasty spider's web of CIA/NSA/druglords + Afghani 9/11 conspirators.
9/11 Drug Pilot & Operation Blue Lightning
December 22, 2009
by Daniel Hopsicker
Elements of the U.S. Government took a surprisingly keen interest in controversial Guyanese drug pilot Michael Brassington during 2003 and 2004, when, according to interviews with former Customs Agents, Brassington was involved in—or the subject of—a secretive Miami-based U.S. Government operation.
“Whenever Brassington entered the U.S. a special team from Miami was supposed to come up,” stated former Fort Lauderdale Customs Agent James Sanders.
Brassington was  supposed to be met by Customs Agents from “Operation Blue Lightning.”
“Operation Blue Lightning is some kind of joint task force," Sanders explained. "I found out later,  from a chief inspector on the team,  that I wasn’t even supposed to inspect him.” [...]
[...]  Operation Blue Lightning clearly fits the description provided by a top DEA official in Miami when he informed us why the DEA had not mounted an investigation into the owners of two planes caught carrying over 10 tons of cocaine in Mexico’s Yucatan:
Because the two American drug planes belonged to a “rogue” operation in U.S. Customs, explained the DEA official. So the investigation properly belonged to the Office of Investigations in the Dept of Homeland Security.[...]

And there's so much more for you to research at
Special thanks go to George H.W. Bush for setting the stage and giving  the go ahead, (as Reagan's VP) for the new Narco State!


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