December 22, 2009

Stop the Chamber from Wrecking America

I hope you can take a moment to sign this petition.  The so-called Chamber of Commerce has interfered with every progressive cause and elections to date, and is up to its teeth in anti-health care reform activities, outsourcing jobs and denying climate change.  It is particularly interesting that several big corporate players ALSO want to wash their hands of this sordid organization, i.e. Apple, Exelon Energy, Pacific Gas & Electric, Nike, and Public Service Company of New Mexico.  Apparently the CEOs of these companies are looking beyond the bottom line towards a sustainable future for ALL.
Please also alert your friends and neighbors to the reality of this organization.  They are not out to support small businesses, but to maintain status quo for the itsy bitsy minority on the top of the pyramid.  Here are excerpts from VR's home page:

UPDATE: Chamber Supporters Make Death Threats. On December 11, 2009, we filed a request with the FBI in Washington for a federal investigation into a campaign of death threats against us by supporters of the Chamber and Tom Donohue. Read the complete letter here. We provided hundreds of emails to the FBI and have asked for for a determination of who is behind the threats and prosecution of those who have made the threats. We have also asked the FBI to investigate whether the Chamber is engaged in a smear and intimidation campaign against our organization and people associated with it in order to obstruct justice. It is against the law to intimidate and threaten someone who makes a criminal complaint to the Department of Justice, which we made in our October 5, 2009 letter to Attorney General Eric Holder. Read all about it here on Huffington Post.
UPDATE: Tom Donohue has been palling around with the president of China in order to promote the outsourcing of American jobs. As Mr. Donohue told VentureOutsource publication, outsourcing is good for business and the Chamber is “fighting to preserve their right to [outsource].”
UPDATE: Reward Increased To $200,000 For Information Leading To The Arrest And Conviction Of Chamber CEO Tom Donohue. Click Here For Reward Poster.
We have had enough and it is time to Stop The Chamber. Therefore, we demand the following:

  • Fire Tom Donohue. Mr. Donohue is the Chamber's corrupter in chief who single handedly turned the Chamber into a pay-to-play vehicle for right-wing causes and corporate dishonesty. As Eliot Spitzer put it, "Tom Donohue has never once found a crime that he couldn't justify, as long as it was committed by one of his dues-paying members."
  • Drop Corporate Support for the Chamber. [...]
  • Launch A Criminal Investigation Against The Chamber For Fraud, False Tax Filings And Campaign Finance Violations. [...]
  • Ask Congress To Investigate The Chamber. [...]  Public Citizen. Send a letter to Congress here.
  • Reorganize The Chamber. [...]
  • Speak Out Against The Chamber. [...]
Thank you, Velvet Revolution!

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