November 13, 2007

Rudy's 9/11 Albatross

News just in from Sander Hicks and 9/11 truth seekers in Colorado. Please note the Giuliani campaign has assigned "cheerleaders" to try to drown out questions from patriots:
This Saturday, alongside new activist groups We Are Change, Colorado, and Truth Alliance, I helped to insert some political dialogue into a Rudolf Giuliani campaign event, north of Denver in Loveland, Colorado. We came well prepared and organized to ask about 9/11.
According to the media coverage, 9/11 skeptics stole the show. We Are Change has posted video, which is original footage followed by Fox and ABC's versions:
It's 16 Minutes long. Don't miss these highlights:
At 6:41, Giuliani admits "There are conspiracy theorists all over." (!)
At 7:11 he unleashes a demonic cackle as I ask my question, and then get assaulted by police.
What really happened on Saturday was a reporter and independent publisher was grabbed for asking a sensitive question. 9/11 is Giuliani's one political strong point, but to people who know more about 9/11, it's his albatross.

...I asked the most relevant question about Giuliani. He has been asked about this before, in a different phrasing, by 9/11 Victims family member, Sabrina Rivero, [here's the original link:] on May 29, 2007. Giuliani lied to her.
…I prepared as a professional journalist, and had a good hard question that cited its sources.
That question was:
"Six Years ago, on 9/11/01, you told Peter Jennings, 'we were told that the World Trade Center was going to collapse.' Who told you? Why were the firefighters not informed?"
…I had prepared by watching the ABC news footage of Giuliani himself saying this, which you can see, here:
MEDIA CLIPS: See Google News, or Denver Post, and MSNBC:
My initial blog entry on this:

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