November 6, 2009

A Tale of Two Men

Down in Texass the repuglican spin meisters are working overtime to proclaim that the alleged (remember, innocent until proven guilty?) shooter at Ft. Hood, Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan was a loser and miscreant who just didn't feel like going to Iraq to shoot other Muslims. Born in America, Maj. Hasan was a Palestinian Muslim whose family fled for a better life. To be a dutiful American son, he volunteered for military service years before 9/11. Maj. Hasan considered the military his family. But he was just a soldier in a "volunteer" army, and that meant he had to take whatever shit they threw at him, including refusing requests to resign rather than be deployed to Afghanistan.

"He's disgruntled because he had a poor performance evaluation, he doesn't believe in the mission, he's looking at getting transferred to Afghanistan or Iraq," [Representative Michael] McCaul said. "He's not happy about all that."

Rep Michael McCaul and wife Linda at
The Italian Embassy on May 2008

Rep. McCaul, who bought his seat by using a couple millions from his wife's treasure chest (she's the daughter of Clear Channel's Chairman of the Board) can afford to look on the bright side of things. No chance is he going to face deployment to a hostile nation. No way was he not gonna git his way. Nope. Wealth and experience as a counterterror expert under W's presidency permits McCaul to say and do pretty much whatever he wants.

USA Today: 22 candidates dig deep into fortunes; only one wins

[...] In Texas, McCaul, a former counterterrorism specialist in the Justice Department, had the experience — and the cash. His wife, Linda, is the daughter of Lowry Mays, chairman of the board of Clear Channel Communications Inc.

McCaul spent $4 million to defeat millionaire Ben Streusand, a Houston-area mortgage banker, in a Republican runoff primary election. Since there was no Democratic candidate, McCaul won election to the House.

Please review the ideology of Mr. McCaul, courtesy of the internet tubes:

This man McCaul will never receive an award for compassion or for even trying to walk in another man's shoes. Shit, second-hand was not part of the profile for this 4th generation prosecution attorney who wound up as a terrorISM expert.

Major Hasan was a psychiatrist who spent his days listening to soldiers relay the worst experiences and (probably) trying to patch them up enough so they could go back to the field and do more horrific damage to innocent people. If he survives his injuries it will be nearly miraculous if a Jack Ruby type doesn't assassinate him before any more facts come out.

I wonder how long Rep McCaul could last on a military base, with a case load of seriously damaged people filing in on the hour and out 10 minutes before, with precious little time to process, clear his head and write up the required progess notes before the next client walked in and then the next until his work day was over.

In the current atmosphere of financial desperation and dog eat dog under which most Americans must function, I doubt Michael McCaul could last a single day. But maybe he's got friends in Opus Dei with a special key to heaven. That might help, if you're a believer. I believe Jesus said a whole lot of good stuff about compassion. Too bad Michael McCaul didn't read those parts, or take them to heart. Maybe he will change. Maybe. Mostly, I just wish he'd keep his mouth shut until the facts are out. If he continues spewing out of his asshole, he might as well just pull the plug on Maj. Hasan's life support right now.

Here's more background about Maj. Hasan from sources I'd trust before CNN:

Texas Shooting leaves 13 dead

[...] Retired Colonel Terry Lee, who worked with Hasan, claimed the major was anti-war and argued with comrades who supported operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Mr Hasan, a 39-year-old from Virginia, was also due to be sent to Afghanistan, something family members said would have been his “worst nightmare”.

BBC News: Profile: Major Nidal Malik Hasan

[...] His cousin told US media that Maj Hasan had been opposed to an imminent deployment overseas, describing it as his "worst nightmare".

He also said that Maj Hasan had been battling racial harassment because of his "Middle Eastern ethnicity".

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