November 18, 2009

Prejudice: What is it good for?

I love those moments in all the Rush Hour films when Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker burst into "War:  What is it good for?  Absolutely NOTHING!"   The same can be said for prejudice.  Recent events in the Sunshine State of Florida have brought home the message that the ugly, smelly, nasty underbelly of white power and/or free-flowing racism is alive and well in Fort Lauderdale.  It's had a long nap and now is flexing its muscles, savoring a romp in the park or Fort, as it were.   Like this kind of crap:

"We have to see these billboards flourish in 2010 and leading up to the 2012 election when Obama will seek re-election," said Farah. "If he can't answer that simple question by then, he's toast. Help me make it so Obama can't go anywhere in the United States without seeing this sign."  Since Jesus was an immigrant, I guess these are Christian values in action!

Last Saturday there was demonstration requesting amnesty for aliens which turned into a street fight between ANSWER (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism) and ALIPAC (Tea Parties Against Amnesty.  Actually, it's Americans for Legal Immigration PAC).

A video posted by ALIPAC  was so bizarre with it's pop-up comments that I felt compelled to deconstruct it, lest someone less compulsive than I sit through it and be misled and deluded.

It's easier to watch if you turn off the sound and keep your finger on the pause button.  Ignore the pop ups, (very strategically placed) because reading them will obscure what your eyes see.

Shot from the perspective of someone across the street (let's call this person "Deep Wad"), we see a group of demonstrators organized around a corner while a man (call him "Jacko") stands in the street shooting a video directly into the face of an ANSWER demonstrator (good morning!).  Words are seemingly exchanged and Jacko walks behind, then into the middle of the group.  The ANSWER group turns to Jacko as a man in a black shirt (so ironic we could call him "Benito") leaps into the action (#8) with another video camera hoisted, already "shooting."  Benito joins Jacko as side-by-side they continue to endure (heroically or arrogantly?) more verbal confrontration from the ANSWER demonstrators who clearly had claimed that corner to express their First Amendment right.

Only now notice there's a guy in a brown hat ("Goose") to the far left (# 12) who ALSO has a video camera and has been taping (from yet a different perspective) Jack and Benito's great adventure of provoking a riot at a peaceful demonstration.

Things happen quickly now. As Jacko seem to leave by walking behind and past Goose, a black van cuts across Deep Wad's angle.  Although Goose is nearly obscured by a HUGE cartoony balloon directing us elsewhere, we can see Goose is clearly making gestures towards Jacko or Deep Wad, or maybe both. Goose turns towards Deep Wad and from here to #34 we can watch Goose cross the street and past Deep Wad's camera.  Goose avoids a direct look but smiles into said camera while using his brown hat to shield his face as he gets closer to Deep Wad.  Mission accomplis[h]ed?

Except provoking a riot is a felony, or so I thought based upon all the Black Panthers and Yippies and pacifists and progressives who've been busted for less.  And in the case of the Panthers, outright hounded and murdered.

I don't get paid to do this and need some sleep but I hope someone will use what I've noticed, continue the deconstruction and get it to the right places.

Back in the day there were plenty of slug fests started by hardhats and Nazis and yes, cops out of uniform against anti-war protestors, only this time THEY GOT THE SHIT BEAT OUT OF THEM!!!

What a surprise!

Here is ANSWER's response, appropriately titled:
Racism, Lies and Videotape
A statement from ANSWER Florida
Nov. 17, 2009

At least the majority of American people understand the stupidity of the birthers, Birchers, Tea Baggers and repuglicans.  There will be scuffling in the streets but we will continue to love and live as free Americans, despite their hatred.

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