November 20, 2008

More Arrests of Peaceful Tibetans

It hurts my fingers to type the words "People's Republic of China" because there is no such thing. The greedy power-crazed dictators have infected too many Chinese, (as well as many European/Americans) with their twisted version of the truth, and if the leaders of countries which have some semblance of free speech don't do something, I shudder to think of the consequences.
Imagine being imprisoned for ONE YEAR for simply asking, over a cell phone, about Tibetan independence.
New cases of arbitrary conviction to Tibetans in Tibet
The Tibet Post International
Ever since peaceful protests erupted in Tibet, starting from 10th March 2008, the Chinese government used the state's full force on the peaceful demonstrators through varies means and ways such as: arbitrary arrests, detentions, brutal tortures and conviction of many to imprisonment without due process of law.
According to a reliable Tibetan from inside Tibet, who broke out and explained emphasized that only above a mere fifty percent of news reach out to the Free world. New cases of arbitrary convictions are as follows:
1) On 11th November, Three monks from Thangkor Sogtsang Monastery namely: Tsultrim Gyatso aged 35, Tsultrim Jungney aged 29 and Thubten alias Lobsang Thubten aged 25 were sentenced 2 years of imprisonment for taking part in the Peaceful Demonstration in March this year by Dzod-ge District People's Court of Ngaba Autonomous Region were decided to shift to Men-Young in Sichuan Province.
2) On 5th November, a group of security personals of Dzod-ge district came to Thangkor Sogtsang Monastery and interrogated the recently released group of 16 monks. They also took a picture with them. Indication of surveillance and restrictions on the monks still continues as quarters for the district police and some of its related employees are being built in the monastery premises.
3) In our press release dated11th November, we have stated that on 6th November Dartsedo People's Court sentenced a nun whose name is still unknown from Karze region and Pema Choetso from Badhe Gang Drongpa of Karze Region were given 4 years each of imprisonment and an announcement to pass similar judgment were circulated and put on the walls for public notice. Their detailed names are nun Lhatruk alias Lhakpa Choetso aged 24 from Drak-kar Nunnery of Karze District and Richen Dorjee's daughter Pema Choetso alias Paepae who was previously a nun of the same nunnery were sentenced 2 years of imprisonment on 7th April for taking part in the recent Peaceful Demonstration.
4) Around 5th November, monk Tsewang Drakpa from Jangdha of Drag-go district was sentenced 5 years, monk Thubten Gyatso from Tawu was sentenced 4 years and monk Jangsem Nyima alias Karma Choephel from Zatoe district of Yulshul region,Tso-Ngon province was sentenced 3 years by the court of Dartsedo for taking part in Peaceful Demonstration on 6th June this in Drag-go District. They have distributed a number of documents on the paper with national emblem snow lion picture.
5) On 14th May, Bumgha from Kham Ghojo of Serta district was sentenced 6 years of imprisonment from Dhartsedo court for taking part in the peaceful demonstration recently.
6) Tashi Woeser from Chamdo was sentenced 1 year for allegedly asking when Tibet is getting Independence to his relative in Lhasa through phone. [my bold] The call was heard by the security personal.

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