November 20, 2008

Bogus People's Court in Sichuan!

It just goes to show how completely useless language is when dealing with adversaries whose intentions are not good. The so-called "People's Court" has convicted four young men to YEARS in prison for demonstrating. How unbelievably fragile China's government must be to not be able to absorb any form of dissent! After all, monks, nuns and people just out of their teens can't just go out into the street to shout slogans against the tanks and guns of the poor old People's Republic [sic]! That might start a revolution--wait, didn't that..., oh, never mind.
Sichuan Court Jails Tibetans
KATHMANDU--Authorities in the southwestern Chinese province of Sichuan, which is home to large populations of nomadic Tibetans, have jailed four Tibetan men for their part in an attempted uprising against Chinese rule earlier this year.
Sources in Dartsedo (in Chinese, Kangding) said Thubten Gyaltsen, 19, from Minyak, Tsewang Dragpa, 21, and Tenpa Choephel from Yulshul were handed jail terms of three, four and five years respectively by the Dartsedo People's Court for their role in June protests.
Meanwhile, a fourth man, a monk from the Golog Serthar Buddhist Center (in a town known as Seda in Chinese), was sentenced to six years' imprisonment after taking part in protests May 14.[…] "The family members of those Tibetans who were sentenced were neither informed [of the trial] nor offered a chance to find lawyers to defend the cases," a source in Draggo county (in Chinese, Luhuo) said.
Kardze (in Chinese, Ganzi) Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture and other Tibetan regions of Sichuan saw fierce fighting and also non-violent protests between Tibetan nomads and Chinese security forces in the wake of the Lhasa protests, which turned to riots on March 14.
[…] "A woman that I know was recently detained for calling outside Tibet. A young man named Tashi Oser, who is in his 20s, was detained for making a call to Lhasa. The phone lines from the Kardze area are completely blocked."
Since it is difficult to communicate, we have information [on only some] of the Tibetans who have been detained, sentenced, or killed. Many cases are not known," he added.
The Chinese authorities have also continued a wave of detentions and sentencings within the Tibetan Autonomous Region since the protests and ensuing violence.
Continuing restrictions
[…] The authorities had stepped up a "re-education" program for Tibetans with mass SMS broadcasts, residents said.
"Chinese officials are sending out text messages over the phone saying that they will never accept self-rule for Tibet, [my bold] [Shouldn't they be spending more time prosecuting the contractors of those school buildings that collapsed a few months ago and poison baby formula. dog food, whatever?] and that independence is out of the question," the Lhasa source said.

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