August 18, 2008

9/11 Six Years Later ... What Do We Do?




Just like the last two years, for this year’s 9/11/08 anniversary we are planning historic events which we would like to invite you to.
We are having a special early bird ticket sale going on right now at you can also get the complete press release at the same site.
This is only a short list of speakers and performers for this years anniversary:
Cynthia McKinney, Daniel Sunjata, 9/11 victims family members, 911 1st responders, John Feal, Richard Gage, Saigon, Dead Prez, Paris, KRS 1, Talib Quali and possibly Cindy Sheehan, Alex Jones and other surprise guests.
If anyone in NYC can help us find a good venue for Saturday September 13th which holds around 500-1,000 people please contact It can be a church, theater or club as long as it is in Manhattan and affordable.
Watch the 9/11 Chronicals Part 1: Truth Rising here:

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