August 17, 2008

Sunday Sermon from Rev. Billy

Whisper in the American Ear: Resist Consumerism!

Resist Consumerism!

2008, the clock is ticking. Now, when American families momentarily break from the decades-long hypnosis of buying and debt, of toxic travel and the corporatizing of the unconscious. How do we whisper, Resist Consumerism!
American consumer confidence was supposed to finance an endless series of surges, of buy-outs, of epidemics. Now we've had a waking up. It's as if everyone in the country had a minor car accident, enough to walk away from the car shaking our head. We have a window of opportunity here. Resist Consumerism!
How to make a message as powerful as the Clash in 1979, or a Tibetan kid in a Chinese mall last March, make a whisper with a scream in it, "The ice is melting, the wheat is growing thin!" Resist Consumerism!
Just now, in 2008, when American families are sitting at tables and having a budget meeting for the first time. "Kids - what do we spend money on? Let's start this way. What is really necessary?" Resist Consumerism!
The whisper will not be televised. It might come from a neighbor nobody ever saw, who lost his job, and starts walking to town and back. One day he sees something and gets to work. Resist Consumerism! -- Rev
(Photo thanks to RoadsidePictures)

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