August 5, 2008

Let's All Sing "The Wheels on the Bus!"

Who is accountable to whom? Doesn't Homeland Security get briefed on FBI matters, and vice versa? Wasn't that the one "resolution" that came out of the 9/11 report, that agencies shouldn't keep each other out of the loop, if that happened here? Are we back on the 9/11 merry-go-around of everyone else being responsible except for whoever happens to be before the committee on some particular day? I mean, WHAT THE F*CK!
From the Frederick News Post: Bruce Ivins performed a juggling demonstration at Baker Park during Frederick's St. Patrick's Day celebration in 1984. Ivins, 62, died Tuesday of an apparent overdose of prescription Tylenol mixed with codeine. He wrote at least eight letters to the editor between March 5, 1998 and August 24, 2006.
Daschle criticizes FBI's handling of anthrax probe
1 day ago
WASHINGTON (AP) — Former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle, whose office was a target of the anthrax attacks in 2001, said Sunday the suicide of the government's main suspect does not mean the case is over.
Daschle said the FBI has not given him any new updates. He also raised questions about the quality of the investigation, noting that the government recently paid out almost $6 million to a former Army scientist, Steven Hatfill, who accused authorities of unfairly targeting him in the anthrax case.
"From the very beginning I've had real concerns about the quality of the investigation," Daschle said in a broadcast interview. "Given the fact that they already paid somebody else $5 million for the mistakes they must have made gives you some indication of the overall caliber and quality of the investigation."
Five people died and 17 others were sickened when anthrax-laced letters began showing up at congressional offices, newsrooms and post offices soon after Sept. 11, 2001.
"I think the American people deserve more of an accounting on this investigation and some appreciation of how to bring this to closure," Daschle said. "I don't know anything about the most recent development, and that's unfortunate. I think all of us, not only those of us directly affected, but all of us need to know more than we do today."
[...] Tom Ridge, Bush's Homeland Security secretary at the time of the anthrax attacks, said he did not know what evidence the FBI had uncovered against Ivins. [my bold]
"But I know that they were relentless, relentless, both domestically and overseas, both with the notion that it could have been a part of a broader terrorist network, but it could also have been the act of a deranged individual or two," Ridge said.

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