June 19, 2008

Gagging Truth on Google

I knew something was up. The interruptions were too frequent and now my paranoia is confirmed. However, I'm not quite ready to jump into the "zionist inspired policies" rant until more info is available. There are lots of reasons why certain powers wouldn't want Uruknet on line, and lots going on behind the scenes. Flee speach! Flee speach!
June 19, 2008 at 7:33 am
One of my Associates, Uruknet.Info, is once again the victim of Google’s zionist inspired polices. Just a month ago, the co-founder of Google was in Israel to ‘celebrate’ its 60 years as an occupying power… he obviously was inspired by his visit as his Company’s policies seem to have shifted even more to the right than they were before his trip.
Uruknet has been hacked, taken of Google News indexing and now, the latest… taken off Google completely. How can this be done? We really don’t know, but we do know that Google has refused to respond to the thousands of requests by readers to reinstate Uruknet on Google News. They came up with a response after weeks only to the site itself where it “reasoned” that Uruknet was “only” an aggregator. All of us know that it is an exceptionally important aggregator, but it is far more than that! It contains original material, has editorial choices and space for commentary and it presents for an international public much material that otherwise would not be translated or disseminated.
Without being listed on Google, as much as we detest Google for its arbitrary blocking that many of us have had to undergo, losing readership in the meantime, we are able to admit that for a news site to not be listed AT ALL on Google means that NO ONE at all findstheir articles on a simple search. This includes archived material. This is something that we find unacceptable and it demands that all of us try to do our best to take action to change this situation as soon as possible. Uruknet serves an important role on the Internet, it is one of the few sites where the truth can be found about the Iraqi War and the occupation of Palestine.
Friends in our Blogging Community are presently discussing plans on how to combat Google’s policies. I will keep you all posted on what those plans are. In the meantime, this post is just to make you aware of the situation in general. If anyone has ideas, please post them in the comments, anything that can help us will be appreciated. You can also email me at the address found in my links (About DesertPeace). I also urge my readers to cross post this message so that a real campaign can get underway to stop censorship at Google.
Mary Rizzo contributed to this post.

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