June 20, 2008

Adios, New York--Hello, Key West!

The time has come, the walrus said, to speak of many things ...
in a Django kinda way!

For now I will speak only of one, and that is of the triumphant return to Key West by one of New York’s originals, Mr. Bert Lee. The multi-talented artist has been a reliable source of pleasure in a variety of mediums. I can definitely testify to the remarkable twists and turns his art and life have taken. Sample the sounds on the link below:

Bert is giving a farewell NYC performance this coming Monday night, June 23. Wielding an electric geetar and parading his wordsmithery skills, Bert will weave magic for your ears. The repertoire will debute songs from his latest cd, Gypsy Djangles, which will be available for sale, (cash only, please) along with holy oldies.
Tunes you will hear come from Bert's long shadow in the music world, from the coffee house, pass-the-basket days to time spent with the Central Park Sheiks and his later experiments using computer technology to "be the band." Incidentally, the Sheiks reunited at Banjo Jim’s about a year ago in tribute to Richard Lieberson, who had recently passed. A splendid time was had by all that evening, especially because Banjo Jim’s is a very comfortable, old-style Village bar and your only obligation is to have one drink.
The set will start at 8:00 but since he’s opening for another act, being late means missing the show! So please turn out for what may be the last opportunity to see New York’s unclassifiable music talent, Bert Lee.

9th Street and Avenue C

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