April 10, 2008

Support Students for a Free Tibet

[...] Tibetans and Tibet activists from across North America were joined by tens of thousands of San Franciscans to protest China's Olympic torch. Behind a massive banner reading "San Francisco Says: No Torch in Tibet," thousands marched down the planned torch relay route, forcing officials to change the route at the last minute in an attempt to keep the enormous protests away from the torch. At least two torchbearers publicly showed support for Tibet during their torch run, one displaying a Tibetan flag alongside the torch. [my bold]

Officials were finally forced to cancel the closing ceremony. After celebrating the huge show of support in London, Paris and San Francisco, Tibetans and their supporters finished the day by acknowledging the continued protests in Tibet, vowing to keep up our efforts in solidarity with people like the fifteen monks at Labrang Monastery who, just yesterday, courageously – and desperately – staged a protest before foreign journalists on a state-managed tour.
In light of our collective efforts to amplify the voice of Tibetans inside Tibet, government resolutions in the US and the EU are being passed in support of Tibet and the IOC is holding "urgent talks" with senior members of the Olympic movement to discuss the impact pro-Tibet protests are having on the relay and on the Games themselves.
Let's help them make the correct decision.
It is critical that the IOC and Olympic sponsors be forced to react proactively to the increasingly dire situation in Tibet. It is only one month before the Chinese government proposes to take its blood-stained torch through the streets of Lhasa and to the top of Mt. Everest. Take action now and demand that Tibet be removed from the torch relay route!
> CLICK HERE TO SEND AN EMAIL to IOC President Jacques Rogge.
> CLICK HERE FOR INFORMATION to contact your National Olympic Committee (NOC).
> CLICK HERE FOR TALKING POINTS for calling your NOC and a sample letter for mail/email.
For additional info, visit http://www.notorchintibet.org/

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