March 18, 2008

Support Team Tibet!


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On August 8, 2008, the opening ceremonies will take place at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. Where will Tibet be?
Like other nations, the Tibetan people want to be represented at the Olympics. Yet Tibet remains occupied and Tibetans as a nation remain barred from participating in the Games.
The members of Team Tibet, all passionate sports people, are forced to live as refugees around the world. Their dream is to fly their flag alongside athletes from other nations as they walk into the Olympic Stadium at the opening of the Beijing Games on August 8, 2008. It is their passion for sports as well as a greater vision of freedom - to live free as a people and nation - that gives these athletes the strength to believe in their audacious mission.
Team Tibet is also made up of honorary members - individuals everywhere who believe in a political solution to Tibet's occupation and who want to be counted in support of that goal.
We ask you to join Team Tibet as a supporter, and help us "Bring Tibet to the 2008 Games".

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