March 18, 2008

Students in China Stand in Solidarity

Tibetan Students in Beijing Hold Vigil
March 17th, 2008
As China’s so-called “surrender” deadline for Tibetan protesters approached, dozens of Tibetan students in Beijing held a candle lightvigil at the Central University for Nationalities. This simple yet courageous expression of solidarity with Tibetans inside Tibet took place as Tibetans protested at Chinese consulate and embassies around the world, many for the 5th or 6th day in a row.
Please read the statement below written by my colleague Tendor and know that your courage and conviction keeps us strong.

Tibetans living in foreign lands constantly carry a burden of loneliness. At times like these, when the Chinese government is killing hundreds of Tibetans in Lhasa and shooting at thousands of peaceful protesters in other parts of Tibet, it must truly be lonely and scary to be a Tibetan living in Beijing.
In a small but powerful show of courage and solidarity, dozens of Tibetan students in Beijing held a candle light vigil inside the Central University for Nationalities. We deeply admire the young Tibetans for this brave and risky act.
We support your actions. We are with you.
Tibetans all over the world, including India, Nepal, Europe, Australia and North America are rising up and surrounding the Chinese embassies and consulates to show the Chinese government that until and unless they resolve the Tibet issue, we will never allow them a moment of rest.

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