March 8, 2008

Many Ways to Seize Our Democracy

Another creative approach: Let the lawyers do what they do best...SUE THE BASTARDS! Because It's Time To Take Our Country Back
It's Time To Act To Save Our Democracy, Friday, 18 January 2008

[...] The practice of excluding candidates from presidential debates has become far too common and casual. Who has the right to decide which candidates the American people get to hear from? Who has the authority to select which political positions are acceptable, and which ideas should be considered? That's not a choice that the corporate media or their corporate masters should be permitted to make. The decision about which candidates are 'viable' is entirely up to the American people, and it is expressed when they VOTE. The American people have repeatedly spoken out about this issue, but they are largely being ignored.
[...] The only recourse left to concerned citizens now is to take legal action in the form of a class action lawsuit to force the
corporate media to allow all presidential candidates to participate in broadcasted presidential debates.
[...] we believe that there are valid legal grounds to pursue a lawsuit in order to correct the injustices that the corporate media are perpetrating against the American people, and against our democracy.

But, we need your help. In order to effectively pursue this lawsuit, we must demonstrate that the American people support our claims, and want to remove the stranglehold that the corporate media is exercising over our election process. We need a large group of concerned citizens to join our class action suit. If you want to help protect our democracy, and are troubled by the way the corporate media is manipulating our election process, please sign up to be part of the lawsuit.[...]

Last Updated ( Sunday, 20 January 2008 )
When you sign up you will be asked the usual questions as well as more specific ones. You do not have to answer them. Just to be clear, they say they have “material evidence” to convince the ACLU that a case can be made. I happen to have personal reasons to believe the ACLU is not the way to go with something like this, but … I joined anyway. Use your own judgment.

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