March 4, 2008

Stop (Continued) US "Incursion" into Colombia

Show Solidarity with the people of Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela. We are ALL Citizens worthy of respect and a voice of our own. From the International Action Center:For those Disappeared, Displaced, Massacred, & Executed

There are 3,855,000 displaced persons.
31,000 persons have disappeared since 1990. There are 10,000 presently in 3,000 common graves.
1,771 union members have been murdered in the last decade.
The paramilitaries assassinate 800 persons per year on average.
Since the Uribe administration took office in 2002 and began its so called policy of "democratic security" 955 persons have been executed extra-judicially and 7,500 persons have been arbitrarily detained. 486 Colombians were assassinated by the state in the year 2007.

March 6, join us to accompany the victims of the
Paramilitaries, the Parapoliticians & Agents of the state!

  • No more Common Graves.
  • No more Forced Displacement.
  • No more Paramilitaries.
  • No more Parapoliticians.
  • No more crimes by the State.
  • No More US military aid to Colombia.
March 6, 2008 - 4 pm - Come Join our Vigil
140 East 57th Street & Lexington Avenue - New York, N.Y.
In front of
The Mission of Colombia to the United Nations

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