March 29, 2008

Chinese Gates and Loose Nuke, 7 Months Later

What’s the rush? Maybe because China’s Foreign Ministry demands it. So the next question, who’s running the show? AND WHY ISN’T THIS NEWSWORTHY? Thanks to for this report:
Gates Orders Inv
entory of US Nukes
Mar 27, 7:10 PM


WASHINGTON (AP) - Defense Secretary Robert Gates has
ordered a full inventory of all nuclear weapons and related materials after the mistaken delivery of ballistic missile fuses to Taiwan, the Pentagon said Thursday.
Gates told officials with the Air Force, Navy and Defense Logistics Agency to assess in
ventory control procedures for the materials and to submit a report within 60 days.
Earlier this week, Gates
directed Navy Adm. Kirkland H. Donald to take charge of a full investigation of the delivery mistake in which four cone-shaped electrical fuses used in intercontinental ballistic missile warheads were shipped to the Taiwanese instead of the helicopter batteries they had ordered. [my bold]
It was the second nuclear-re
lated mistake involving the military that has been revealed in recent months. In August an Air Force B-52 bomber was mistakenly armed with six nuclear-tipped cruise missiles and flown from Minot Air Force Base, N.D., to Barksdale Air Force Base, La. At the time, the pilot and crew were unaware they had nuclear arms aboard.
The electrical fuses were delivered in fall 2006, but the military did not fully realize the gravity of the blunder until last week. The revelation sparked sharp protests from China and forced President Bush to acknowledge the error in a phone call Wednesday with Chines
e President Hu Jintao.
But China's Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang said, in a statement poste
d on the agency's Web site, that China had sent a protest to Washington expressing "strong displeasure."
He said China demanded the U.S. investigate the matter and report back to China to "eliminate the negative effects and
disastrous consequences created by this incident."[...]
This might explain the unbelievable use of violence against Tibetans demonstrating for self-determination in Greece, New York City, Chicago, Paris, anywhere outside of China. As left-wingers debate the "correctness" of showing support for the people of Tibet,
China runs the show.

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