March 29, 2008

The 1st Amendment IS My Permit!

Assemble for Rights NYC
New Yorkers dedicated to keeping freedom of assembly and speech alive and well in our city
Support The First Amendment Assembly Act!
Support the Bill To Restore Civil Rights:
City Council Member Rosie Mendez, with Members Alan Gerson and Gale Brewer, has introduced a bill, based on the legislation drafted by Assemble For Rights NYC, which would overturn the NYPD's parade permit rules and guarantee our right to assemble. Call your City Councilor and tell them to support The First Amendment Assembly Act. You can find your City Councilor HERE
United Opposition:
There have been outcries against the NYPD rules from broad sectors of the community. More than 22 groups have joined Asssemble For Rights to oppose these rules, including religious organizations, peace activists including UFPJ, the National Lawyers Guild, health advocates, bicycling groups, etc. Nearly a dozen city councilors have spoken out against these rules. And the rules have been blasted by the New York Bar Association, which has called on City Council to overrule the NYPD
NYPD Rules:
Ray Kelly and the New York Police Department, with the blessing of Mayor Bloomberg and City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, have pushed ahead with new parade permit rules which severely limit our ability to exercise our free speech rights. More than a year ago, on Friday January 28th 2007 the NYPD promulgated new rules that require groups of 50 or more to obtain a permit if they want to gather on a sidewalk, in the road, or in the parks. The rules effect pedestrians, vehicles, and cyclists alike. The NYPD began enforcing these rules February 25th 2007.
Help Spread The Word!
Please join us and help spread the word. On the side panel is a list of things you can do. You can become a member of the Assemble For Rights coalition by signing up here. You can keep up to date by reading news below. You can also get news on Assemble For Rights affiliated websites - just look for our yellow and red graphic. If you run a site and want to support A4RNYC, grab a copy of the graphic and post it.

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