February 16, 2008

Stop-Loss Congress in March!

This March will mark the beginning of the 6th year of the war and occupation of Iraq. I hope that you will join me on Capitol Hill for an action which will focus on the role which Congress has played in the continuation of the war.
On Monday, March 10th and Tuesday March 11th Iraq Veterans in uniform, Veterans for Peace, Students on Spring Break and citizens of conscience will be on Capitol Hill to deliver STOP-LOSS orders to Congress.

Just as Congress has condoned the involuntary extensions of the tours of duty (called stop-loss) to military personnel, resulting in physical and mental stress for soldiers and hardship to their families and the continuation of suffering, death and destruction in Iraq, WE THE PEOPLE, for whom Congress works, will notify them that their upcoming Spring Recess has been canceled. Congress will be ordered to stay at their posts (offices) until they perform the job we elected them to do, which is BRING OUR TROOPS HOME AND END THE WAR AND OCCUPATION NOW!!

On Wednesday, If Congress does not comply, we will confront them with peaceful, civil resistance. CONGRESS CANNOT GO HOME UNTIL THE TROOPS COME HOME! If Congress members attempt to leave Capitol Hill the CODE PINK POLICE will issue citizen citations, but others will form blockades.

However, if Congress members do manage to slither out of DC and make their way back to their districts the following week, we ask that you organize SIT-INS in their offices and DEMAND that they watch the footage of the WINTER SOLDIER testimony!

If you cannot make it to DC please visit the web site and sign the STOP-LOSS CONGRESS petition NOW in support of this action. www.stop-losscongress.org

also visit www.resistinmarch.org and STUDENTS check out www.ourspringbreak.org

Peace NOW!

Jamilla El-Shafei,
co-organizer STOP-LOSS CONGRESS jamilla@stop-losscongress.org

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