February 18, 2008

Demand An Investigation of Kelvar Helmets

This takes 5 minutes, so please, do it! Maybe someday there also will be an investigation into why Rudy Giuliani "gave" Motorola another no-bid contract for NYC Firefighters' communications radios AFTER THE FAILURE of the first bunch. WTC Bombing '93 wasn't scary enough?
Join Veterans to Demand Hearings on Substandard Helmet Procurement
Last week, the New York Times reported that the Bush Pentagon had agreed to a contract for more Kevlar helmets for our troops from the very company that was being sued for cheating troops out of helmets that met military standards. Especially at a time when so many troops are in harm’s way, no such company should ever receive a new contract. Demand that Congress investigate how this could have happened, by signing our petition below. We’ll deliver your signatures to Capitol Hill.
Petition to Demand Hearings on Substandard Helmet Procurement
We the undersigned call upon the United States Congress to investigate how Sioux Manufacturing received a contract from the Bush Administration’s Pentagon to produce Kevlar helmets for our troops, after the company was found to have previously produced substandard helmets in the past.

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