January 8, 2008

One NeoCoin For ALL!

Remember the Backwards Bush keychain counter? I've been carrying mine since they were first promoted, and it’s been a terrific conversation starter on public transportation or in the office. Just slyly let it be seen and watch the reactions!
Well, the folks at ToppleBush.com have added a new item to add to their ever growing collection of “dump the bum” merchandise: commemorative coins!

We are pleased to present our new George W. Bush "Worst President Ever" commemorative coin. Much more than just another anti-Bush gag gift, this coin makes a real political statement and was created to define Bush's legacy. We hope you will want to buy one for yourself and your friends.

Who could resist that dazzling smile? ALL OF US, right on! Please go to their site for these items and much more, including everything from best selling books to unique t-shirts and progressive music:


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