January 8, 2008

Do Ya Wanna Caucus With Me?

Oh, yeah! Technology is the people's weapon for advancement to knowledge + power!
If IM-ing ideas from your brain to your fingers in real time to get responses from other like-minded citizens, or you just want to read without making a comment, go to:
About our coverage:
Here's where you will get live video feed and 24/7 coverage of what's happening at the primaries. Below are tips for using the site:
Please send tips, breaking news, and comments about the NH primary to Jim. YOU are what make this coverage the best around. But we can only publish a small fraction of your comments. Imagine trying to have one conversation in a room with 2000 people!
Be sure to identify who you are talking about, say "Clinton" or "Huckabee" instead of she or he.
If you don't want the window to autoscroll, there is a button at the bottom of the window above to turn it off. Same with the sound effects.
Video problems? Yeah, we don't like windows media either, but it's what we have for now. On the PC, get the latest WMP, or Mac users can install Flip 4 Mac.
Want to embed the live blog and/or the video on your site? Details here
Most of all... have fun!
-Jim Gilliam, Brave New Films

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