January 18, 2008

Over 600 Murdered Seeking Justice in Kenya

A presidential election tainted by vote-tampering - now Kenya’s future hangs in the balance, with over 600 killed and 250,000 made homeless. We need to act fast.
The world can play a crucial role, by supporting Kofi Annan’s mediation efforts and refusing to recognize any government until it is legitimately established - so let’s send a wave of messages to our leaders asking for this. To make sure Kenya’s politicians hear us too, we’re taking out a full-page ad in the East African Standard, a respected newspaper [below]...

Kenya still teeters on the brink of disaster
– today bullets are flying on the streets, with over 600 killed and 250,000 made homeless as government and opposition dispute the presidency. There's hope yet, as Kenyan civil society groups stand up for peace and justice – but only dialogue and an independent review of the tainted election can end this crisis and prevent escalating violence.
Please follow this link to sign the petition:

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