January 19, 2008

Canadians Choose Compassion

Like Steve Earle says, they're just a bunch of poor boys fighting for the rich man's war, until they say "Hell NO! We Won't Go!" Thanks to Leslie Cagan and United for Peace & Justice, I learned about this upcoming event to let them know they won't be alone in resisting war. As the troops begin to mobilize for peace, we have to show up to support them and to ensure they will not be used by the corporate media as tools for propaganda. They'll have our backs but we have to cover them as well. Let's get a good turn out of this in NYC, Washington, DC, Seattle, Toronto.... You know the drill, do the dance!
January 25-26 U.S.-Canada actions to support war resisters
Help stop the war... support the troops who have the courage to resist!
Join and support January 25 vigils and delegations in support of U.S. war resisters currently seeking sanctuary Canada. Actions are being planned in Washington D.C., New York, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Minneapolis. Supporters will meet with officials at Canadian Consulates across the United States in order underscore that many Americans hope that the Canadian Parliament votes (possible as early as February) in favor of a provision to allow war resisters to remain. Download and distribute Jan. 25-26 action leaflet (PDF).
Supporting the war resisters in Canada is a concrete way to demonstrate your support of the troops who refuse to fight. Help end the war by supporting the growing GI resistance movement today!
Details January 25-26 actions/events in support of U.S. war resisters.
Sign the letter “Dear Canada: Let U.S. War Resisters Stay!”
and encourage others to sign.
Organize a delegation to a Canadian Consulate near you .
Host an event or house-party
in support of war resisters.

Consulate General of Canada
1251 Avenue of the Americas, NYC
Noon - 2 pm vigil

Sponsored by War Resisters League and Iraq Veterans Against the War-NYC
Info: youth@warresisters.orgThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it , 212-228-0450
Sign the appeal—we'll mail the letters for you
Significant win for US Iraq War resisters in Canada
US war resisters gather after hearing victory in Ottawa 12/6/07. Photo: Lori Hurlebaus
By Courage to Resist. December 11, 2007
On December 6, the Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration of the House of Commons in Ottawa, Canada adopted a motion that was a critical victory for U.S. Iraq War resisters seeking sanctuary. Courage to Resist organizers Lori Hurlebaus and Jeff Paterson traveled to Ottawa for this hearing, along with supporters and resisters from across Canada, and have contributed to this report. In collaboration with the Toronto, Canada-based War Resisters Support Campaign (WRSC), Courage to Resist is calling for U.S.-Canada consulate delegations, vigils, and actions on January 25-26 to build momentum in the wake of this important first victory

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