November 3, 2007

Who's Bombing Who?

Is it's possible that the Aug. 29 "Loose Nukes from North Dakota" story was a diversion from our own strike on Syria, using Israel as cover?
USAF struck Syrian nuclear site' Staff , THE JERUSALEM POST
The September 6 raid over Syria was carried out by the US Air Force, the Al-Jazeera Web site reported Friday. The Web site quoted Israeli and Arab sources as saying that two US jets armed with tactical nuclear weapons carried out an attack on a suspected nuclear site under construction.
The sources were quoted as saying that Israeli F-15 and F-16 jets provided cover for the US planes.
The sources added that each US plane carried one tactical nuclear weapon and that the site was hit by one bomb and was totally destroyed.
At the beginning of October, Israel's military censor began to allow the local media to report on the raid without attributing their report to foreign sources. Nevertheless, details of the strike have remained clouded in mystery.

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