November 3, 2007

Only the Traitors Know

BTW: The original post for the story below, USAF struck Syrian Nuclear Site, has been deleted from Jerusalem Post. Today’s search in the newspaper comes up with this story of how secretive the Syrians are that their own military didn’t know about the facility. Right!
Jerusalem Post, Nov 3, 2007 13:28 | Updated Nov 3, 2007 13:32
'Syrian politics helped IAF air strike'
The secrecy under which Syria kept its nuclear development may have contributed to the success of Israel's alleged air strike against a nuclear facility in September, Aviation Week reported on Saturday.
Quoting unnamed Israeli sources, the report stated that due to internal politics within Damascus, the site was so highly classified that even the Syrian military was unaware of its existence. Accordingly, proper air defenses were never erected, thereby leaving the area vulnerable to aerial attack.
So who bombed Syria? And what exactly did they bomb? And who’s government is so secretive that other branches don’t know what’s going on?
Only the traitors know.

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