November 9, 2007

Stop Toxic Policies

Did you laugh or cry with the news about the latest recall of Chinese toys? THEY'VE GOT THE DATE RAPE DRUG IN THEM! Funnier still, this toy needs water to form it's adorable beads (they're called Aqua Beads!) and, of course the chemical is only released when wet. Don't you think they might have explored the effects of interaction? Here's a report from Newsday:

Total recall
Voluntary safety procedures for toys and other imports aren't good enough
November 9, 2007

…Under President George W. Bush's Import Safet
y Action Plan, presented to Congress on Tuesday, safety certificates would be mandatory for imported foods at risk. But foreign makers of toys and other common consumer goods would only voluntarily seek certification that their products meet U.S. safety standards. In exchange, the goods would receive expedited entry into the United States.,0,4938179.story

And here's something to do about it, thanks to Public Citizen:
Tell the Senate to RECALL Nancy Nord The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is supposed to protect us from dangerous products. But Chairwoman Nancy Nord seems more interested in protecting industry profits. While parents were in panic over the lead paint on their children's toys, what was Nord doing? Traveling - on the dime of the very industries she is supposed to be regulating.
The CPSC Reform Act of 2007 would more than double the agency's funding, give it new powers to punish those who sell dangerous products and offer protection to government whistleblowers who courageously report wrongdoing within the agency.

I will post the link to Public Citizen later.

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