October 9, 2007

We’re All Collateral Damage

Are we getting set up? Suddenly there's all this unclassified stuff getting out and "everything we used to believe turns out to be true, we're guilty of reason" (sane words courtesy of Lou Reed). Are they psyching us out or preparing us for the DU tragedies that will soon be commonplace? Only the Shadow knows...
U.S. considered radiological weapon
By ROBERT BURNS, AP Military Writer Mon Oct 8

The Dec. 16, 1948, memo said a lethal attack against individuals using radiological material should be done in a way that makes it impossible to trace the U.S. government's involvement, a concept known as "plausible deniability" that is central to U.S. covert actions.
But it’s not just James Bond who’s the target.

In a July 1948 memo outlining the program's intent, before specifics had received final approval, a key focus was on long-lasting contamination of large land areas where residents would be told that unless the areas were abandoned they probably would die from radiation within one to 10 years.

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