October 8, 2007

EVERY Body Counts

Here is further evidence of the way media immunizes Americans from the reality of the war on terror (sic):
Two Million Iraq Deaths, Eight Million Bush Asian Holocaust Deaths And Media Holocaust Denial

Dr Gideon Polya, 07 October, 2007

Quantitative or qualitative denial of the Jewish Holocaust (6 million deaths comprising 5 million murdered and 1 million deprivation-related deaths) is punished in Austria by 10 years in prison and in other countries by lengthy custodial sentences. The Iraqis, Lebanese and Palestinians are overwhelmingly SEMITES by ETHNICITY and the Afghans have a Semitic-origin, Islamic CULTURE. What we are seeing is racist, ANTI-SEMITIC, Islamophobic Holocaust Denial driven by lying, racist, Bush-ite Mainstream media.


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Let us NEVER forget: our own troops (and their families) will be future victims:

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