September 11, 2007

A Successful Saturday

NEW YORK – The New York chapter of the War Resisters League kicked off a week of actions against military recruitment in New York by shutting down the Times Square Recruiting Station Saturday morning. Three members of the WRL were arrested, but the recruiting station remained closed for the rest of the day as the WRL maintained its presence there, joined in the afternoon by the Rude Mechanical Orchestra.

The three arrestees were charged with disorderly conduct and released four hours later.

The NYC War Resisters League called the week of anti-recruiting actions “to demand an end to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, to cease destroying the lives of young people who are sent to war, and to rechannel the hundreds of billions of dollars spent on the military into programs here and abroad that seek to improve lives of all people.”

Each day for the next week, a different group or groups will take responsibility for actions aimed at keeping the recruiting station in Times Square closed, beginning at 9am
- (see sidebar, Keep Times Sq. Closed... for schedule)

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