September 11, 2007

Sander Hicks Hits a Home Run!

9/11 Spitzer Scandal Scoop!
Spitzer's Real Scandal

“Eliot Spitzer is like the good-looking bouncer in a bar, who is secretly dealing drugs,” explained forensic microbiologist Mike Copass.

And so begins Sander Hicks’ investigation into the weird world of Spitzer, taking you down the rabbit hole through all kinds a stinky shit until he reveals, surprise! Larry Silverstein, WT7 and INSURANCE MEGABUCKS!

EXCLUSIVE! "The Real Spitzer Scandal" a 9/11 Spitzer Scandal SCOOP!

Brooklyn Newspaper Delivers the Goods: Spitzer Filed Legal Brief, Helped Silverstein Win $4.5 Billion WTC Insurance Windfall
Contact: Sander Hicks, Publisher, NY Megaphone
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