August 6, 2007

Media Whores Smell Blood

Lest we forget, the pretense for the Afghan/Iraq war was the lie of 9/11, which the media propagated and promoted without oversight. Randi Rhodes on AirAmerica Radio (or .com) suggested there be a "credentialing" program for future journalists. I agree.

Anyone who reports "news" should be held accountable for the facts they report. Judith Miller and her WMD stories come to mind. She relied almost exclusively on that crook, Chalabi, (see for more info on him) and the neocons who began planning this war as far back as when HW Bush was head of the CIA.

At the very least, some standards need to be set, such as a limit as to how many unnamed "sources" can be quoted without some official backup. The choice to wage war requires citizens informed by a media that is not sleeping with the enemy, (defense contractors, radical repuglicans, etc.)

Just a thought to share. Please pass it on if it makes sense to you.

So, can any Joe Schmo or Jeff Gannon be a journalist? I'm not sure I've got the skills (or the stomach).

Anyway, next time you hear someone talking about how crazy and radical the Iranian people are, know that it's probably based on LIES. There's a documentary on the Sundance Channel this month called "Nose: Iranian Style" ( which "considers the epidemic of nose jobs in contemporary Iran, the world leader in rhinoplasty with an estimated 60,000 to 70,000 operations each year. In a country that discourages personal expression and disdains Western culture, young Iranians eagerly change their noses to model images in European and American fashion magazines."

They hate our freedoms? Who? The old mullahs?

Anyway, I came across this article recently which focuses on another image of Iran. I hope it's provocative title provides enough incentive to read it:

Israel’s Jewish problem in Tehran

So why hasn’t Iran started by wiping its own Jews off the map?

By Jonathan Cook

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