August 11, 2007

Endless War

In September 2002 I first heard the phrase, "endless war" to describe BushCo's future plans for world domination and remember feeling uncomfortable using it in discussions with other citizens. The invasion of Iraq was being promoted everywhere and all I wanted to do was to stop us from pursuing that destructive policy rather than get caught up in a debate about what endless war might mean. Too manyAmericans wanted vengence against whoever may been behind 9/11 but didn't have a problem attacking Afghanistan even though 9/11 was instigated by Saudi Arabians. Of course, we were told Osama Bin Laden was there and because he was the mastermind of the plot, innocent Afghanis must die to stop him and protect our "freedoms".

We know now the hunt for Bin Laden was bullshit. The opportunities to catch him were squandered and BushCo has repeatedly said they aren't concerned about Bin Laden. They even took him off the "most wanted" list!

Once there was an enemy called Communism, and that kept us superior and safe with our endless nukes. We'd all be dead rather than red, right? The external threat of Communism to our way of life was bogus, just as Saddam Hussein was no more a threat to our security than any other crazy dictator. But the drumbeats to bomb Iran get louder every day as talking heads claim Iranian weapons are killing our soldiers. (Strange, isn't it, that the American military has lost at least 30% of our weapons in Iraq, but you don't hear much about "getting" whoever was responsible for that.)

So I urge you to read this from the Nation:

Bush to Karzai: Will You Just Shut Up About Iran?
by John Nichols

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