September 18, 2011

Wall St., Meet the 99ers

Self defined as the 99% who pay taxes and get screwed with less than 1% of the profits, a determined and disciplined group of mostly early 30 year olds attempted to occupy Wall Street.  Even the benches were fenced in!!!  After a day of playing hide & seek with the NYPD, the radicals settled in at "Liberty Park" on Broadway just north of Wall.  Although the afternoon was fraught with chaos and potential police riot, once this detente was reached everyone settled in.  I took a break and returned around 1:00 am.  Some were sleeping, a group of about 6 played with one of those little balls you kick around, there were clusters of folks around a guitarist or singer, some danced.  It all,  it was peaceful  I hope the morning will bring new recruits to the occupation of Wall Street.

Finally got the photos downloaded--more details will come about today's events and the people there.

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