November 6, 2010

Make The Supremes Sing a New Song

Have you had enough of the corporate take-over of America?  If this last election didn't rub it into your nose enough that money buys power and democracy is an illusion, just wait.  The next few months are gonna make you long for the Reagan era (gag).
Citizens United was a disaster for our ability to hold fair elections since it granted "personhood" to corporations, allowing big money to give however much it could to the candidates who would sing the song they picked.  But we do have some options, and is leading the way.  Please sign the petition and contribute, if you can.  The corporations have bought the Supremes but We, the People still can reclaim our power if we stand together and overrule the Supremes.  It is our Constitutional right to do so.  Use it or lose it.
Sign the petition and please forward the link to everyone who still believes in justice for all, not JUST US!

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