October 24, 2010

8 Good Reasons to Vote

There is too much to lose if we let ourselves become deluded into thinking "they're all the same."  Yes, Obama and the Dems have let us down but just imagine what this country will turn into if the tea baggers and repuglicans take over Congress.
They already own the Supremes and have essentially given the richest 2% complete power over the electoral process by granting corporations the right to spend as much as they want to on campaign funding.  How do you think that will INFORM citizens?  Tax and spend, they scream, while laughing all the way to their jets and island hide-a-ways.
No, dear citizens, we must get out and VOTE and this article knocks down the bullshit.  This is from Campaign for America's Future
Dave Johnson's pictureEight False Things The Public “Knows” Prior To Election Day
[ ...]  This stuff really matters.
If the public votes in a new Congress because a majority of voters think this one tripled the deficit, and as a result the new people follow the policies that actually tripled the deficit, the country could go broke.
If the public votes in a new Congress that rejects the idea of helping to create demand in the economy because they think it didn't work, then the new Congress could do things that cause a depression.
If the public votes in a new Congress because they think the health care reform will increase the deficit when it is actually projected to reduce the deficit, then the new Congress could repeal health care reform and thereby make the deficit worse. And on it goes.

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