December 15, 2009

A Radio that is Priceless

In this age of high tech communication we all have portable access to every frivolous game, video or song we want.  We can also "virtually" chat inanly with thousands of complete strangers.  Yet our First Responders are still unable to communicate with each other.  It's about time our First Responders get the tools they need to save lives, including their own.

DHS Tests Multi-Band, Interoperable Radio
January 2010, By Austin Wright

The Department of Homeland Security has entered the final stages of its four-year, nearly $9 million effort to develop a multi-band radio that can communicate across virtually all public-safety spectrums.

The lack of interoperable public-safety radios has been a high-profile issue since the federal government released the 9/11 Commission Report in 2004. The report said that in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks, police departments struggled to coordinate their response plans because their radios weren’t compatible with other departments’ communications systems.[...],InteroperableRadio.aspx

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