November 7, 2008

Iraqi People Need Us NOW

Count Your Blessings·
I am very disturbed when I encounter people who sincerely don't care about the sufferings of others. Their lack of concern is nearly horrific, and requires a wish to maintain status quo beyond any other concept, be it alien or heartland. Maybe this is a bit of what Lynn Cheney must face every day.
Ever think about a normal day in Iraq? In the land where women held positions of authority, even if it was in their own home, and enjoyed a social network amongst their peers which held a kind of power . But their world changed when BushCo. changed the focus from pretending to liberate to confiscating as much territory as they could, and bring in the heavy artiliary to back up months of usless ness. 70% of Iraqis lack access to clean water· 80% lack toilets that do not contaminate water sources· diarrhea and respiratory infections account for two-thirds of the deaths of children under five.· 21% of Iraqi children are chronically malnourished (2006 UNICEF national survey).· 70% of critically injured patients die in the hospital
Blessings can take many forms at different times of our lives. I believe many good convergences of ideas are about to occur, and look forward to learning more about this fantastic life.

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