October 10, 2008

October Surprise? Palin’s out!

Back to Alaska!
The smartest move the McCain campaign could make right now would be
to cut Sarah Palin out of the race. I’d even bet Mitt Romney would be ready to step up, and it would bring relief to the repuglicans as predictably as a titty to a hungry baby.
Watching white, working class Americans act like reptilian humanoids salivating over the bait being thrown by both Ms. Palin and, with more finesse by Mr. McCain was an awful, horrific experience for this privileged white person. It would have been so easy for these ignorant people to be pushed over the edge to the next step and have themselves a lynchin’.
This McCain campaign phenomenon of making Americans insane with anger and fear by false associations of an American Senator as a "terrorist," "Muslim" or, perish the thought, an "ARAB" must not be allowed to grow outside the rallys and spill over into our communities.
Tonight’s surprise release of the Troopergate Report is the icing on Palin’s retirement cake. It stated clearly and completely without equivocation that Ms. Palin abused her power. She acted exactly like a greedy, self-inflated politician who used her office for personal vengeance. She is more of the same, not change. Combine her eagerness to fan the flames of racism with the concrete evidence of Palins lying and manipulating the trust of her constituents, Palin has become major damaged goods.
While questioning Newsweek’s Michael Issicoff about the Troopergate news, Rachel Maddow asked: “Is this an impeachable charge?” Seems to me this opens the door for McCain to dump Palin, pronto. Who could argue with the maverick standing up for values and country first, even if it costs his career? Of course, it won’t. Good republicans will see it as redeeming McCain from any association with corruption and hate speech. The reptilian humanoids will just turn in the direction their pointed towards.
I'd like to believe most Americans have a good spirit and know it is better to respect your neighbors. That way they'll be there for you just as you'd be there for them in times of trouble. And we've got plenty of trouble here in America.
The third act will commence after a brief intermission.

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