August 24, 2008

US, Other Embassys Roll Over for China

How more obvious can it get? Pretend it's the not too distant future, like ten (10) years from now. Venezuela is hosting the Olympics and ten (10), TEN American citizens are suddenly placed in detention for ten (10), TEN days (whew, at least that's a relief! What if they're not honest about releasing them? In the meantime, these are some of the heroes from today's Tibetan Freedom Fighters, courtesy of Students for Free Tibet and Free Tibet 2008.

Beijing: Tibetan Flag

Rangzen Fist Salute

Aug. 21, 2008

A plain clothed security official, bottom right, grabs a Tibetan flag from three pro-Tibet activists as they gesture in protest opposite the National Stadium, where the Olympic athletics competition had just finished, Beijing, early Thursday, Aug. 21, 2008. Swarms of plainclothes police took away four foreign activists protesting Chinese rule over Tibet - the latest in a series of such demonstrations during the Olympics. (AP Photo)
August 22nd Update: Four Sentenced to Ten Days ‘Administrative Detention’ Breaking news– the embassies of the four Tibet activists arrested early on August 21 have told family members that they have been sentenced to 10 days “administrative detention” by Chinese police. Under Chinese law, Chinese police can subject people to the punishment of administrative detention without a trial or court hearing This follows on yesterday’s sentencing of six other Tibet supporters in Beijing to the same punishment. Little else is known at this time but Students for a Free Tibet will fight this however we can and we will post additional information as we learn more.
What You Can Do To Help
1) Create your own videos and images in support of Florian, Jeremy, John and Mandie and submit them to: We will air them on the Windhorse report and promote them on our site.
2) Demand their release today by calling the Chinese foreign ministry: +86-10-65961114
3) Send emails and letters of support to:
4) Download the Rangzen Fist 4 badge image and post it on your blog or profile.
5) Watch and share Florian Norbu Gyanatshang’s personal video statement
6) Read and forward Lhadon’s Blog Post on this amazing action.
At approximately 12:05 am Beijing time, Florian Norbu Gyanatshang, a Tibetan-German man and American Tibet supporters, Jeremy Wells and John Watterberg were detained by Beijing authorities for protesting near the Bird’s Nest stadium. The three had been unde r intense surveillance by up to 50 plainclothes police.
They called out “Free Tibet” and Florian Norbu unfurled the Tibetan flag. They raised their fists in a salute in the spirit of defiance and resistance displayed by Tommie Smith and John Carlos at the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City. Last night’s protest took place as spectators were leaving the Bird’s Nest where the men’s 200 metre final had been held just hours before. It was on the medal podium for this same event 40 years ago that Smith and Carlos stage d their courageous protest.
A fourth Tibet activist, Mandie McKeown from Britain, who observed the protest was also detained. The four were taken away in a police vehicle and their whereabouts are unknown. Two photographers from the Associated Press who were at the scene were also briefly detained.

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