July 29, 2008

Rev. Billy on FOX!!!!!

Hold onto your sandals, brothers & sisters. You're going to have a most amazing visitation on your computer screen. Watch a Fox anchor get baptized in the when you click below.

Reverend Billy Presents
a Stop Shopping Teach-In on Fox News!
Reverend Billy Appears On Fox Business News!
Preaching The Gospel Of BUYLESSNESS
To The Rupert Murdoch Masses

Seriously! This is his best sermon to date. Check it out:

These people in the commercial press -- won't it ever dawn on them that this economic downturn might be a good thing? Perhaps it must dawn on them like the FIERY DAWN OF HELL AND SHOPASMIC DAMNATION!
Children, yes there is pain and struggle now -- but "Consumerism" is the Devil's religion and its faith is called "Consumer Confidence." The press acts like we are losing our nerve, or we're conning them. No - Consumerism wants to control us with ads and debt and war and we're catching on, that's all. So if a glam company like Starbucks is stranded by a consensual boycott because of $4 lattes and sheer boredom with chain stores, that's not an economy going down, that's RESURRECTION AND THE LIFE EVERLASTING! AMEN!
I preached on Fox Biz News last week - check out their response to the phrase "Capitalism isn't necessarily the same as Freedom." -- Rev
Most righteous! Keep up the good work, folks!

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