July 16, 2008

Evicted and Tortured for Olympic Games?!!!

These may be China's crimes, but it is still our moral obligation to help, in any way we can. Please spread the word and if you can, make a donation. Thank you.

While you and I are watching the Beijing Olympics in August, Ye Guozhu and thousands of other Chinese are going to be sitting in prison, locked up for peacefully protesting government policies.
You can help Amnesty International USA focus world attention on these prisoners of conscience, not just the star athletes and thrilling competition, with your donation to our China Olympics Legacy Campaign.
First, let me tell you about Ye Guozhu and his family, who were evicted from their home and restaurant in 2003, which were razed to make way for the Beijing Summer Olympics.
Three days after he requested permission to hold a public demonstration [my bold] against the forced evictions, Ye Guozhu was arrested. He was convicted of "stirring up trouble" and sentenced to four years in prison. In jail, he has reportedly been beaten, subjected to electro-shocks, and forced to hang from his arms for extended periods.
These next few weeks are crucial for our China Olympics Legacy Campaign. With your gift today, we will:

  • Press U.S. officials to call for the release of peaceful human rights defenders like Ye Guozhu and others when meeting with Chinese officials during the Games
  • Provide American athletes with toolkits to help them speak up - if they choose - about Chinese prisoners of conscience and the government's human rights record
  • Encourage corporate sponsors such as Coca-Cola and McDonald's to use their influence to call for an end to ongoing abuses
While we're watching the Olympic Games on TV, many Chinese citizens are unable to speak out for basic human rights without the risk of persecution and prison. That means you and I must speak out on their behalf.
Please m
ake a tax-deductible contribution to help Amnesty draw worldwide attention to the plight of Ye Guozhu and so many others like him. Together, you and I can send a message that everyone is entitled to human rights, whether they're a gold-medal-winning athlete or an ordinary Chinese citizen.

Help us shine a light on the unjust imprisonment of peaceful activists in China.

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