July 18, 2008

Challenge China on Human Rights

Join activists supporting human rights for Burma, Sri Lanka, Tibet, any and all nations under the thumb of China as the opening of the Bejing Olympics seeks to whitewash the horrors of China's dominance.

8.8.08 - A Day for Burma, Not Beijing
We are a month away from one of the most important dates in Burma’s history. August 8th marks the 20th anniversary of Burma’s largest national democratic uprising, when millions bravely marched through the streets, and nearly toppled the military regime if they had not been brutally massacred. It is also on the day that China, the #1 supporter of Burma’s military junta, will open the Beijing Olympics.
Please help us as we prepare for a Global Day of Actions for Burma - to honor those who have struggled for freedom in Burma and to demand China end its support for Burma’s dictators.
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Read about China’s support for Burma’s generals.
Read about what happened in 1988 in Burma.
Watch a video with director/producer Judd Apatow talking about the importance of 8.8.88
Watch a Video on why you shouldn’t watch the Olympics
China is the main supporter of the Burmese regime, and we are asking people to pledge to boycott those who profit from the Olympic Games. The goal is to get 1 million people to sign up - creating a loud international cry against the Chinese government. 8.8.08 is the 20th anniversary of the huge massacre of democracy activists in Burma during the 88 uprising, and has always been a solemn day for Burma. This is also the day that the Beijing Olympics will begin.
Pledge to Not Watch Today!
To get 1 million people signed up we will need a lot of help.
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Washington DC -Challenge China
July 24th Rally

Download Flyer Here
In conjunction with PEARL (People for Equality and Relief in Lanka http://www.pearlaction.org/rally.php), we will be holding a rally opposing China’s military funding of the governments of Burma and Sri Lanka, which commit grave human rights violations against ethnic minorities.
July 24, 2008 at 12pm
: Senate Russell Park
: Thelma Young thelma@uscampaignforburma.org
August 8 Events
New York City
UN Rally,
12 - 7pm
Where: Burma Consulate General and Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, United Nations
Contact: 88 Generation Students in Exile (88 GSE), National League for
Democracy, Liberated Areas, USA Branch (NLD-LA), Women on the Move for Burma (WOMB), and International Campaign for Burma - New York (ICB-NY)
Czech Republic - Prague
Contact: Burma Center Prague
Noon: Press Conference at Ontario Legislative Building, Queen’s Park
Noon to 1 PM: Speeches at Queen’s Park
1 PM: March to the Chinese Consulate from Queen’s Park (Burmese and Tibetan communities together)
2 PM on ward: Photo exhibition, acts, speeches, candle light vigils in front of the Chinese Consulate Office
Contact: Burmese Democratic Forces - Toronto

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