June 9, 2008

International Hunger Strike to Stop US Space Shield

Giorgio Schultze, European spokesperson of New Humanism, has not eaten for 150 hours to denounce one of the greatest violences of the present
«The secret agreements between some European governments and the U.S. to control the space are creating a new arms race and the thr
eat of a return to the cold war.» Giorgio Schultze declares: «The construction of the U.S. Space Shield does not involve only Poland and Czech Republic, where the missiles and radar bases will be installed. Also Italy is directly involved, because the government signed an agreement with the U.S. without discussing it in the Parliament and without informing the population. [my bold] There will be huge investments assigned to the industry of death and paid with the taxpayers’ money. Finmeccanica spent 5,2 billion dollars to buy DRS, U.S. leader company in the field of military electronics and this seems a consequence of these agreements. United Nations agencies have collected at world-wide level 5,8 billion dollars to fight the world hunger, a little less than the cash money paid to buy DRS.» Despite the mass-media total silence about the campaign, a dissent wider than the European borders is spreading in the population. Dozens of activists are joining the nonviolent protest form of hunger strike from Prague to New York, from Italy to Australia, from Spain to Maine. At the same time the on-line petition on the website www.nonviolence.cz is collecting thousands of signatures every day from all over the world.
Giorgio Schultze’s video declaration
Every day on www.nonviolenza.net
From 4 p.m to 8 p.m.
Giorgio Schultze will be connected to a webcam. It will be possible to talk to him and visit him in the headquarter of the Association “World without Wars” in via Mazzali 5, Milan.
Please visit Giorgio's web page:
Many personalities of the world of politics (the members of the EP Luisa Morgantini, Bart Staes, Giulietto Chiesa, Giusto Catania, Vittorio Agnoletto and Roberto Musacchio), literature (the Nobel Award Dario Fo), science (Noam Chomsky), religion (the French bishop Jacques Gaillot) and information (the U.S. journalist and winner of the Pulitzer Prize Chris Hedges) sent messages of solidarity and support. On June 12th and 13th, during the AgorĂ  meeting about Climate that will take place in Bruxelles, Giorgio Schultze will meet several member of the European Parliament and will ask a meeting with the President and Vice-President and a plenary session to listen to the representatives of the wide protest movement against the shield. The objective is to stop this dangerous project, that threatens peace and coexistence among our peoples.

Please sign the petition:

Dick Cheney would be right at home at the web site of DRS Technologies, Inc. Be afraid!

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