June 23, 2008

Save Our Coney Island!

I took a few good photos from this event to post at a later time. The crowd was fabulous, but I couldn't get a good photo of the lovely Mermaid Queen Savitri D and her consort, King Neptune, a/k/a Rev. Billy. For now, check out the MermaidCam and bring your friends to Lincoln High School on Tuesday to save our Coney Island!
Legend Of The Queen Mermaid
For untold generations the Mermaid Empress of the Atlantic Reaches has joined the surface dwellers of Brook-land for gaiety, feasting, and song at the Coney Island Mermaid Parade. But this year the Mermaid Empress and Coney Island itself are in peril, beset on all sides by odious Land Barons who wish to turn Coney Island into a nightmare of glass and steel under their control! In protest, the Mermaid Queen refused to return to her home at the end of the Parade and has, instead, launched a hunger strike in protest of the Evil Land Barons' scheme. You can save her and the shore from certain extinction by questing on the Mermaid Empress' behalf to the the gathering:

Lincoln High School
Tuesday, June 24th at 6:00pm
the Year of the Common Era 2008

Queen Savitri D will fast for three days in her finny queenly costume in the window at the Coney Island Side-show, that emporium of freaks, urging citizens to attend the scoping meeting that will decide the FATE of FUN at Coney Island.
The fate of Coney Island will be decided [hopefully with your participation]! Hurry, citizen of the World Above! Our fate depends upon you!

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