June 3, 2008

Night of Delusion

What an incredible roller coaster ride Hillary Clinton “treated” us to. I am more than dubious about her intention to use this forum to present all her most wonderful and hopeful ideas, and take some comfort knowing her words will be heard far and wide. She spoke of issues we have all wanted to hear about, and more. I was impressed by her command of the audience, her ability to never get rattled while the audience shouted their encouragements and personal hosannas. But her ability to make you think, this is it, she’s going to …, the roller coaster would cross the peak and it’s all downhill again.

And what was the deal with keeping people in a bunker, without the ability to use cell phones or know what was going on in the outside world? New Yorkers locked in the basement of Baruch College! WITH ANDREA MITCHELL!!!! Is Hillary the ultimate control freak or what? Maybe I’ve had it all wrong about the Clintons, thinking she was the nurturing one while he slay the dragons. If she plays Bill like she played the media and us, his cojones must be in constant pain.

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