June 29, 2008


Here's a little photo collection, courtesy of my cell phone of the spectacular Coney Island Mermaid Parade, 2008. As anticipated, it was a perfect day and a truly splendid time was had by all:

Pirate Guy! Don't be afraid, his bike leaves no carbon footprint!

Peace Officers helpen Merperson leave the scene

Water-spraying Seahorse
kept the crowd cool[er?]

Something in the skys kept me from getting a good picture of Queen Savitri D and her escort, King Neptune, a/k/a Rev. Billy. They were also constantly surrounded by "official handlers."
Now that was weird!

Take me to the Atlantic Ocean! Get into the mix and be happy!

Greenpeace Boy!
Now this is progressive! This Brooklyn guy put together a stand to sell healthy liquids to hot Merpeople and Bystanders alike. His sign says "profits to Greenpeace," and it was the best drink at the best price for the best reason! Let's ALL support GREENPEACE!

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