June 6, 2008

Air America Dumps It's Hart[mann]

When Air America was first launched, I immediately signed up. Although our local Pacifica station (WBAI-FM) still owns my heart, I knew we needed lots of solid media coverage NOT beholding to the corporate mouthpieces.
When Air America began having financial problems, I pitched in, despite my own dicey employment status, and became a “premium” member. Some years after the fact, I have yet to know what benefits were granted other than letting the suits know there is a serious fan base in NYC. [BTW--if you did sign on for a premium, better check to see if they took your money "automatically" for a renewal, without informing you! That happened to me and began my disenfranchisement with the station.]
Al Franken's show was entertaining but when he left, The Thom Hartmann Show took his place and I couldn't have been happier. His program is a beacon of enlightenment in a swamp of news sludge and double speak. However, the local New York station, WWRL, has taken Thom off the air, replacing him with a show that the station management owns, The Ed Shultz Show. [hmmmm, conflict of interest?]
For radical, progressive New Yorkers, this is such a big comedown it's as if Thom was replaced by Alan Colmes! Ed Schultz just doesn’t get us and I’ve lost patience with trying to get him.
My personal radio goddess, Randi Rhodes has joined the fabulous Mike Malloy on Nova M, which I downstream on my computer. Thankfully, Thom's there, too, and I will continue to hear him via Nova M. But what about folks who don’t have computers or prefer turning on the radio?

So the call is going out to you, friends and citizens, even if you are not NYC residents. You can contact our local program managers at WWRL during the daytime, at 212-631-0800, and let them know what you think.
Another way to get the message through is by using WWRL’s web page contact info:
General Phone Number:
212 631 0800
333 Seventh Avenue New York, NY 10001
WWRL Radio Sales: 212 631 0800 ext. 151 Please contact pcaesar@wwrl1600.com
1600 WWRL Programming:
To ask a question or make a comment about WWRL’s Programming in general, please email Program Director, Rennie Bishop at bishop@wwrl1600.com
And here is WWRL's link for YOU to post topics you want to talk about:
Here comes the new boss, same as the old boss!

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