May 16, 2008

UK Site Sets Up Israeli Boycott

Unfortunately, the information below only applies to products sold in the United Kingdom. There are pages and pages of references and links to other sites, initiatives, educational sources, even a section providing a historical frame for the crises.
Keep an eye on the goods bar code:
Israel's country prefix is
This website has been set up for two main purposes:
- To help people who want to boycott produce from Israel and illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank and Gaza, by providing sources of information about companies, products etc.
- To act as an educational resource... many people have not the foggiest idea of the war crimes, human rights abuses and flagrant breaches of international humanitarian law that are regularly committed by the Israeli Government and its armed forces (the IDF) in the what remains of Palestine. The many links on this page will lead you to valuable sources of information.
Lest there be any doubt on the subject, this site is not anti-Jewish. Many of the sites linked to on this page are run by Jews and/or Israeli citizens who are at the forefront of efforts to secure peace and justice in the Middle East. We are opposed to the Likud Government that is in power in Israel today, however we are not anti-Israel, on the contrary, we believe that it is only through the delivery of peace and justice for all citizens of the region that Israel can prosper in the long term.
As soon as Israel reaches a just peace with the Palestinian people within the framework of international law we will call an end to this boycott.
In fact, I've had my own ad hoc boycott going on for a while, but not regarding Israel. Whenever I start aimlessly browsing for things I probably don't need, I look at the label. If it says, Made in China, I say out loud--but not necessarily loudly, "Made in China," and put the object back. It's most effective if I keep my affect completely neutral. People haven't a clue what I'm doing or why, but they'll be thinking about it, especially next time there's a report about China and American debt.

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